Home made granola

Hello DIYers!

Is it just me or is time flying? It was January just the other day! Oh well, I really wish time would move in slow motion during the weekend.

The cost of living is on the rise and one of the things i am working hard to do this year is to save as much as possible. One of the ways i am doing that is by making some things that i would ordinarily buy.

My mornings are usually a crazy rush of getting ready, chilling with baby and preparing her meals for the day. This combined with my love for sleep…i rarely have time to sit and have breakfast but i know its the most important meal. So i eat on the go. One of my favorite things to munch on is granola or muesli. And these things cost a pretty penny in the supermarket.

Cue my DIY persona!! I now make the granola at home! Which is nutritious, filling and saves costs!! Today i will share how i do it…

The Ingredients: Weetabix, Oats, peeled peanuts,sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, golden raisins, (not in the picture)sugar and olive oil. All these ingredients are available at Chandarana Supermarkets

You can be creative with the ingredients and introduce any cereals or nuts you like. Some of the other ingredients i have tried are black raisins, apricots, cornflakes and raisin bran.

Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl. I measure the quantities using a measuring cup you could also use a serving spoon …or your eyes!

I don’t take honey. An alternative to honey is syrup. Since i am saving money, i made my own syrup  by boiling some sugar (2 heaped tablespoons) with 180ml water. Boil until it starts to bubble.

I then mixed the sugar syrup with the dry ingredients using a spatula. Pour the syrup or honey little by little to the dry ingredients as you mix. The ingredients should only be slightly soaked by the honey/syrup. The mixture should not get gooey.


I then spread one table spoon of olive oil on a baking tray and spread the mixed ingredients on the tray. Popped it in the oven at 200 degrees for 10 minutes. The oven was pre-heated for about 5minutes.

The final product is dry and can easily crack in your hands. Place the granola in a tin for use as you please. You can have it with milk or yoghurt and fruits. It is also a nice snack to much on…It is full of nutritious goodness!!


What is your go to breakfast meal?

Keep it DIY!!!

Key Holding

Hello DIYers!!

Are you one of those people who spends a few maddening minutes every morning looking for keys?

Well, the solution is very easy really, just have one designated place in the house where the keys are kept. I prefer to have a  place to hang keys right by the door. That way, the first thing you do when you walk into the house is hang the keys. It will take some time to get the hang of it but once you do, it becomes habit.

I know of a home where frantic search for keys is routine anytime someone wants to leave the house. I decided to make them a place to hang their keys and hopefully leaving the house will be a smooth affair.

I used an old photo frame i got from House of Leather a while back and never got to use.


For this project i used gold hooks i got from the hardware at Yaya Centre, a hammer and some left over wrapping paper i got from Game Stores.

*note to self, i do need another trip there to stack on some DIY goodies.

I traced the wrapping paper with the picture frame cut outs. I cut the paper and stuck it with glue and placed it back in the frame with the wrapping paper facing up.

I measured and marked where to put the screws. Put them in with the hammer and some wrist grease (screwing them into the frame)  and viola!

I am yet to present it to the new owners….i hope they will appreciate it and use it to make leaving the house a smooth affair.

You can use many materials to make a key holder, however, the screws are a constant ingredient since they help hold the keys.

Where do you keep your keys?

Keep it DIY!!


Cardboard Shelving

Happy New Year DIYers!!

How has your 2017 started? Made any resolutions yet? Was one of them to be more organized? If so, then welcome to the first DIY project this year.

My wardrobe though spacious cannot fit all my clothes especially my tops and hubby’s tee-shirts…or i probably need to get rid of some of them. It’s time i applied the less is more principle again.  This is what it looked like.


Quite messy…we just throw stuff in and quickly close before they fall out

But new year, new things. Yes?.  I definitely needed was more shelving to accommodate all the clothes and make getting dressed hustle free.

I used the good old cardboard used to package the home theater because it is sturdy and easy to cut. The other alternative would be to get plywood from the local carpenter. I took measurements of the space and cut the pieces as below.

Always remember: Measure twice, cut once. This saves you alot of trouble at the end.

The cardboard has folds thus making  it weak. This calls for reinforcement of those weak spots. I cut another strip of cardboard which i stapled onto the main cardboard. The end result is a solid cardboard with no folds or weak spots. I used the staple gun a normal stapler won’t work.

Cardboard is not the most attractive thing so next step is to give it a facelift. I used some polka dotted wrapping paper i got from Game Stores.

I marked with a pencil where i wanted the shelve to go. I put in the hooks and placed the decorated cardboard.


Final product viola! Now to arrange the clothes

Have you done any organizing lately? How did that go?

Keep it DIY!!

Headboard update

Hi DIYers!

One last post before Christmas holidays! Change is the only constant in the world…i don’t know who said those words but they are so true in so many ways.

And with that in mind, I changed our bed headboard once again. I wanted a different feel to it and especially a look that will match any beddings or decor I chose.

This is what it looked like before and this is how i achieved this look.


I wanted to give it a more modern and contemporary look. What better says modern and contemporary than leather! I got a faux leather fabric in white for the update.The fabric is soft and not too thick or too heavy making it perfect for the job.


Using the staple gun i got from Game Stores for about Ksh1,400. I stapled it on the headboard while making sure its tautly stretched for a good effect.

I was happy with the final product as below….


Quick and painless…especially with the staple gun!

What projects have you been up to lately?

Happy Holidays and Keep it DIY!!


Acrylic paint crazy

Hello DIYers!

Do you have that item that you have always had and you use it very few times because it lacked appeal? And you always wondered how to make it more appealing? How to give it a face lift? That a little change will help you appreciate the item more and that it will make you use it more?

This item could be anything really  clothes, shoes, a handbag, accessories, furniture.

I have this pair of shoes that i like, they are basic black and are rather boring. They honestly could do with a bit of character.

After reading this piece on pineconeshelf i decided to try it out on the shoes. I got the bronze acrylic paint and some paint brushes from Text Book Centre for about Ksh500 and Ksh200 respectively.


I wanted to create lines on the tip of the shoe, so i cut out and stuck some masking tape, painted it and let it dry for a day.

So  i was left with some paint  and it was at this point that i went a little crazy and decided i might as well paint a few more things. I got this mason jar which initially had marmalade in it, cleaned it in and out. Also i got a sufuria which was rusted and i still had had plans for it in a future project.

At the end of the day i had painted three things and i loved the results! The shoes pop with character and I wear them more now! The mason jar now sits on my desk at work with pens in it. The sufuria is yet to be used but soon…


Try out the acrylic paints and be creative with the application! Don’t for get to share your end results!

Keep it DIY!

Taking stock-one


Hi DIYers!! It is been a long minute since I posted. Plenty has been taking place but I still did some projects whenever I was able to…a few projects coming up.

Today I want to do something different, that I have borrowed from other blogs including This is Ess. As the year comes to a close, I would like to take stock of the year that has been. 2016 has been a year of crazy happenings across the globe and even here in Kenya. 2016 brought me the gift of a baby girl in October (hope this explains my being MIA). Pregnancy and birth and taking care of a newborn have taken over my life and it is quite the journey.

So here goes my first taking stock.

Learning– To be patient. Growing a human being for 10 months (yes 10, whoever said pregnancy lasts 9 months was giving the bare minimum) and the toll it takes on the body requires patience. Taking care of a newborn is another kettle of fish.

Wishing– for 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep

Eating– balanced diet and lots of fluids… Being a milk producer is no joke. Is this how cows feel?

Trying– to exercise whenever I can. I am determined not to get a new work wardrobe…

Reading – Little Contented Baby by Gina Ford. Trying to understand the art of getting baby into a routine. Of course baby will do what baby wants…and mummy gets impatient then I remember to be patient.

Watching – More than normal TV for me! Ordinarily I prefer to read and listen to music. But with feeding a little human who likes to stay awake, I am on that Modern Family, The Crown, Billion, Designated Survivor, Documentaries, animations and others.

Enjoying– the cool, rainy weather! Makes it so worth it to be at home!!

Listening- to white noise for babies to sleep though I am the one that ends up nodding off only to wake up and find baby wide awake!! I am also loving the sound of Simi and Alicia Keys’ new music.

Loving– my baby girl to the moon and back! Being a mom is as challenging as it is rewarding. Also I love the uji that my mum brings me every week….

Wearing– Breastfeeding friendly clothes, which for me are lots of lose fitting tops and vests! You really have to think of what to wear and how easy it will be to breastfeed especially in public! And the public includes your house when guests come calling….

Hoping – for a fabulous 2017!

Happy New month!

Keep it DIY!!

Personalizing generic furniture

Hello DIYers!

With all the furniture stores sprouting all over, we have an influx of generic furniture that tends to lack personality.  Don’t get me wrong the furniture is as useful as they come, but when in your space, you want it to look like yours, no?

From the Mombasa Flat Update, i found one such piece of furniture at the dining area.

The dining area before

The dining area before. The cabinet is used to store cutlery and also as a bar.

I got some decorative paper from Nakumatt Nyali (the matt paper quality and NOT the shiny version), some glue, a pair of scissors, and a ruler to take measurements.

I took out the glass, luckily the cabinet had grooves that the glass would roll off from. This made the project so much easier. I took measurements of length and width. Measured out the paper and cut out.

Cut out paper

Cut out paper

With the glue i carefully stuck the paper at the end of the cabinet.

finished product

Finished product with a pop of color

With some rearrangement of the cutlery and some artwork at the top, it was done. I chose not to put back the glass,  wells ave for the bottom one which refused to come off. I thought it looked better without.

What are your thoughts?

Keep it DIY?