Dining area creation

Not all houses are designed to have dining areas and that is the case with our house. However, there was some space on the opposite side of the kitchen that had a door like thing hanging.

hanging door thing

hanging door thing

I thought that could make an interesting dining area and got thinking how I could pull it off. The door (lets call it that) needed support so it can work as a table. So the first step was to have a piece of wood measured to the required height. The reason for the simple wooden bar is to keep the space open as was. The wooden bar needed painting so it could blend with the cream background. I used what was left over from the bathroom paint job, which was butter yellow and I figured not too far off…

painting the wooden plank

painting the wooden plank




I then got the spray-painted plastic chairs and laid out cutlery and viola! A dining space was formed!


Dining area

Dining area



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