Magic Powder

You know about it. You might have used it. But you probably haven’t discovered how much more you can use it!

Sodium Bicarbonate is its scientific name (never thought I’d ever use these terms since I left high school, I really never enjoyed chemistry lessons). It is the main ingredient in baking powder and is also included in some cleaning detergents such as Vim, ATA, Morning Fresh, Pride, Nuru, Axion and other cleaning agents.

There is a wide variety of products on offer

There is a wide variety of products on offer

The chemical varies slightly when in baking powder and when in these other cleaning agents. But the effect really is the same. So you can chose to buy baking powder only or the cleaning agent only, but it is also ok to have both.

This ingredient has been put to use in various products which we use on a day to day basis;

  • It is included in some toothpaste brands and studies have shown that it has a whitening effect and plaque removal effect than in those brands without it. It is also included in some mouthwashes.
  • Sodium bicarbonate in combination with other ingredients can be used to make a dry or wet deodorant. It may also be used as a shampoo.( this i did not know)
  • It’s also gentle enough to wash your hands with and especially if you have odours (like onions, garlic etc).

Reason I call it ‘magic powder’ is because it does work like magic in the kitchen and bathroom especially. What I like most about it is that it easily cleans and removes odours without causing any damage on whatever you are cleaning. And you also use very little energy to clean.

In the kitchen, I mix it with some warm water and a cloth to clean the microwave and fridge. It removes all dirt and any odours in there. I use it to clean my cooker, hot water kettle, sink, table tops, scrub sufurias and always has amazing results. I have repurposed a spice bottle for storing it in the kitchen for easy reach and manageability.


In the bathroom, it cleans the toilet, sink, tiles and those in between lines that can be grimy if left unscrubbed for a while.

Try it today and tell me how it goes!

What cleaning secrets have you discovered? Do share.


Keep it DIY!


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