Repurposed dishwashing liquid bottle

Does it bother you how cooking oil has the uncanny ability to leak out of its bottle even when you are being extra careful?? The mess it creates where you store it when not in use is not pleasant!

Well this bothered me so much I needed to get a solution! I had seen the bottles used by chefs in the supermarket but they were quite pricey! So a DIY solution was very much required!


I often think twice before I throw away any bottles, and that was the case when the dishwashing liquid ran out. As I mulled over what I could do with it, it occurred to me that I could use the bottle for cooking oil since it had the perfect nozzle to prevent leakage!!

So I cleaned out the bottle, then cleaned it out some more. I had to make sure the cooking oil doesn’t taste like soap! So I cleaned some more then I left it to dry.

Cleaned out dishwashing liquid bottle

Cleaned out dishwashing liquid bottle

However, when I got out the new dishwashing liquid, I realized the liquid had a similar colour to that of the cooking oil!! Imagine someone using the soap to cook or the oil to clean! Cringe!!

Similar colour!!

Similar colour!!

I removed the soap label and cleaned using my magic powder to remove all the sticky substance. Crisis averted!!



Once it dried out I poured in the cooking oil and viola! I am happy to report that it indeed works and I have a leak free cooking oil bottle!!

repurposed bottle

repurposed bottle


Keep it DIY


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