Paint Job- Bedroom 2

Hello DIYers hope you have been keeping well in this January heat! I am so grateful i am on leave and therefore can stay indoors! For me being indoors means work though, so much for leave! Since we moved houses, three months ago, the 2nd bedroom of our house has been my storage space, actually, dumping ground is a more appropriate term for how i have used the room. The room where all things that didn’t get unpacked ended up and where anything else i’d rather not see ends up. As you can imagine, it wasn’t pleasant! However, now that 2015 is the year of change, i needed a room that can act as a study (have i told you guys I’ve gone back to school? no? well i have.) and my chill out place since the hubby tends to hog the living room doing his stuff. This room was in a mess!! So many things lying all over that needed to be cleared. I did the work over three days as i kept despairing and going to watch TV was a better option. Unfortunately i haven’t  got the before photos but i took pics as i went along. Number one thing was to chuck all things out. This way anything that got back in had been vetted.

All things save for furniture in the room waiting for vetting

All things save for furniture in the room waiting for vetting

Second step was to rearrange the furniture. I felt we had not utilised the space well and thats probably why it felt cluttered. The before pics would have been so helpful here…but hey, imagine your worst. After a day i decided i shall be brave and paint one wall! Armed with some yellow paint that was left from the master bedroom paint job and  my one-wall-painting experience, see bathroom paint job , i felt well equipped to handle this project.

Paint ready, floor protected.

Paint ready, floor protected.

Lets do this!

Lets do this!

And indeed i was able to complete two coats. Here is what coat one looked like.


Coat one done

I am yet to complete the room in terms of putting things away neatly,creating a calm ambiance for studying. Its work in progress and i shall share it with you soonest!! What DIY projects are you working on? Share!! Keep it DIY!!


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