Blog lovin

The internet is the coolest invention ever!! The kids born in the age of the internet also referred to as digital citizens, have no idea how lucky they are! The internet presents us with endless possibilities! such as this blog 🙂 !

Today’s post is about blogs and sites where i could get lost for hours, pages that encourage me and give me inspiration to keep blogging. These blogs and sites have the power to improve my dull moods, make sullen days seem that much happier!

Let’s dive in!


Thousands and thousands of interior photos showcasing different rooms in the house. And the Ideabook! Genius! You can create your dream home right there! A girl can and should dream!!


Her DIY projects are to die for! Her recipes, creative!! Become the total home maker!!


Well they wrote their last post and said they are moving on from blogging. They have however catalogued 900 projects they have carried out over the last 7 years. Amazing journey!!

Interior decor as we know it today wouldn’t exist without skilled photographers. This blog is all about interior photography, the colours, the lines, the contours, the lighting, composition. I could go on!

The blog is in a different language ( I’m yet to figure out which) but the images speak my language!!



Doable DIY projects!! Try them and don’t forget to share!!

6.  Don’t disturb this groove

Her groove should not be disturbed! This blog just warms my heart and stomach thanks to her amazing recopies!!

Dont Disturb This Groove Guest Post


Interesting articles. Amazing pictures. Inspiring before and after projects!!

What blogs are you loving?

Keep it DIY!




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