Wedding DIY

Hello Guys!

As promised, today’s post is about the DIYs i undertook for our wedding.

A wedding is once in a lifetime event (well that statement can be argued otherwise but today isn’t the day) and what better way to celebrate than with a touch of your personality.

I wanted our wedding to be fun, fun and more fun. Wedding planning in an African setting can be a daunting task!! Everyone wants to contribute their 2 cents, most with the best intentions, but for the bride and groom this can drive you up the wall.

I shall therefore give my few words of wisdom having gone through the process.

1. Start planning early- 1 year to 6months is good time.

2. Look for a one-stop-shop venue – moving from place to place is time, energy and money consuming.

3. Have a checklist and follow it through. I am quite organised so i had an excel sheet with various sheets showing suppliers and their contact details, budget, payment schedules, activity checklist and many others.

4. Decide on what items you will not compromise on and stick to it. Having the groom on your side is VERY important at this point! I was not going to compromise on photography, entertainment, food and decor. Other things i conceded to relatives demands, but those 4 i wasn’t budging!!

5. If you can, get a wedding planner about 2 weeks to the D-day, by then you will have all your suppliers and the planner will only be coordinating them on the day.

6. And finally, take 2 days off before your wedding to just chill! And on the D-day ENJOY yourself!! be deaf and blind to anything not going your way!

Ok, advice done. Let’s look at some pics.

This was a one stop shop. The wedding ceremony, reception, photo shoot and evening party were at the same place Stedmak Gardens in Karen, Nairobi.The layout for the day. All ceremonies were at the same place

The layout for the day. All ceremonies were at the same place but in different spaces

Flowers are beautiful. Very beautiful. But they are also very expensive. We opted to have minimal use of flowers and instead went for other ways to decorate the venue. Thanks to the very creative Betsy and her wonderful team at Exquisite Events By You we achieved this! They did all the tents, chairs, tables and decor.

Aisle, Alter

Aisle, Alter

Thanks to having everything in one venue, we were able to reuse some of the items. The ‘Altar’ which was decorated using the paper flowers and these dangly things that were on sale at House of Leather during christmas came in handy!! The ‘altar’, together with the walkway  and the mini columns were also used to house the cake at the reception area.

Cake gazebo and walkway

Cake gazebo and walkway

The programme

The programme

We didn’t print programmes, we used the board. Besides who does not know what happens at weddings??? Even if you don’t, go with the flow!!



The table centre piece was my major project. I collected about 170 wine bottles. This i did since we got engaged…a year. The bottles needed to be cleaned and have the labels removed. This was done in partnership with the help of friends in the month leading to the D-day. And we hacked!! To make it sparkle, Ms. Betsy from Exquisite added the gold and silver linings at the mouth of the bottle and viola!!

I also made table numbers using manila paper, string, pen and contoured scissors.

High table

High table

There was a mix of black and red charger plates and table overlays. We only used the water lilies and baby’s breath flowers which in total cost Ksh10,000 from Citi Market.

The cup cakes

The cup cakes

For the cake i had my friend Selian from Creme of Cakes do the cup cakes for me! Everyone ate a cupcake served with fruit and mango mousse!!

Memorable day

Memorable day

And it was a memorable day for us all!!

Keep it DIY!!


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