Hot bed of wires…and a shoe box

We live in a tech crazy world! Gadgets galore, some with remote controls, some mobile others not so. An average entertainment unit will house about three gadgets i.e. TV, a music system and a decoder now that we are on the digital broadcasting platform. However, some entertainment units can house up to 10 gadgets!! Yes its possible and yes all are used, well not all at the same time, but are put to use. Heck you pay for the services so using them is not in question.

Now if you like to keep a tidy house, there is the issue of cables/wires that you need to deal with.  By tidy, i also mean even the areas you cannot see, like behind the entertainment unit.

Our unit houses 6 gadgets. However, with the wires running at the back, you’d be mistaken to think we have some sort of robot experiment underway. Those wires drove me nuts every time i sneak peeked or even thought about the mess back there.

Looks can be deceiving...

Looks can be deceiving…however, there are some wires popping out..bottom right, the white cable is trying to run away from the mess

Hot bed of wires!

Hot bed of wires! can you see the dust on that floor??!!

Something had to be done about this hot bed of wires! So armed with an empty shoe box, black tape, masking tape, hammer and some nails, i set on it.

My tools for the day

My tools for the day

First step, switch off power. Detangle and unplug all the cables that i could. Fold and tape the extra long ones.


Unplugged…theres plenty more going on in the back…

Next step was to clean the floor. Place the shoe box and start placing cables in there.

In the box they went

In the box they went and it turns out i only needed the black tape and a pair of scissors. 

And some more typing up loose cables. Plugging the power back on to test if all is well.


Well i couldn’t completely get rid of the wires but they are now not tangled up, you can see the floor, it will be easy to clean the floor going forth. Took me an hour and some sweat to do this worthwhile project.

How have you managed your wires? Do share.

Keep it DIY!