DIY Palette Furniture

Hello DIYers

Pinterest is my happy place!! I can spend hours on end ogling and saving stuff in the very many categories i have created. Follow me @hazelkirigo

One particular obsession i have on Pinterest is palette furniture! Oh the possibilities!!

I also happen to believe in the words of Paulo Coelho in one of his most popular books The Alchemist, the world listens to your hearts desires and conspires to make it come true, or was that The Secret? Oh well, the principle is the same.  So the universe responded to my desire to make palette furniture and a delivery was made to our office and there were palettes left behind and they were not going to be used!! When the Universe speaks, you listen! I quickly whisked all four palettes in my car, thank goodness for station wagons with expandable boots! So this past weekend i decided to go for it.

What i used for this project:

  • 4 Palettes
  • 1 small (3×6) mattress cut to fit the palette
  • 2 big cushions
  • Masaai blanket

Step one

Putting together the palettes to form a seat. I placed one at the back and stack the remaining three pieces.


Behold we have a seat!img_20170909_141750.jpg

Step Two

Next was to place the soft furnishings. Mattress covered with the masaai blanket as the seat and the big cushions as the back rest.


The final look of the balcony.img_20170909_143151.jpg

Gladly the weather has improved and we can enjoy some sunny afternoons and even some evening drinks in the balcony!! No plants yet, those will feature later, my daughter will happily much away the plants and soil!

Keep it DIY!







No Bake Biscuit Cake

Hello DIYers!

Has someone come to visit you and bring you something that leaves you wondering;

a) Does this person actually think i like this? and

b) where they got it?

Someone brought me a box of biscuits. The above was what went through my mind…But i am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth and so i chose to make the most of it.

Google away i did. Seriously, what did we do before Google and YouTube tutorials?  I looked for recipes that could help me make use of my carton of biscuits and i found one that was not intimidating and that i could easily pull off.


IMG_20170813_142513 (2)

It required only four ingredients: Biscuits, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and dark chocolate.

The next step is to crush the biscuits, mix in the chocolate syrup. Because i love coffee, i added coffee to the chocolate syrup.  Put the mixed crushed biscuits in the the baking tin, or a glass container ( so that its easy to come off).  Boil the whipped cream, and pour over the dark chocolate and stir, let it cool. Then spread it over the biscuits. I added a little extra peanuts that i just crushed and spread over the chocolate. Refrigerate overnight and viola! You have got cake!

IMG_20170814_173145 (2)

Before going into the fridge

IMG_20170814_173346 (2)

After refrigeration.

IMG_20170814_173354 (2)

Yum. Yum. Nom. Nom.

Here is the video.

Try it!

Keep it DIY!