Home made granola

Hello DIYers!

Is it just me or is time flying? It was January just the other day! Oh well, I really wish time would move in slow motion during the weekend.

The cost of living is on the rise and one of the things i am working hard to do this year is to save as much as possible. One of the ways i am doing that is by making some things that i would ordinarily buy.

My mornings are usually a crazy rush of getting ready, chilling with baby and preparing her meals for the day. This combined with my love for sleep…i rarely have time to sit and have breakfast but i know its the most important meal. So i eat on the go. One of my favorite things to munch on is granola or muesli. And these things cost a pretty penny in the supermarket.

Cue my DIY persona!! I now make the granola at home! Which is nutritious, filling and saves costs!! Today i will share how i do it…

The Ingredients: Weetabix, Oats, peeled peanuts,sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, golden raisins, (not in the picture)sugar and olive oil. All these ingredients are available at Chandarana Supermarkets

You can be creative with the ingredients and introduce any cereals or nuts you like. Some of the other ingredients i have tried are black raisins, apricots, cornflakes and raisin bran.

Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl. I measure the quantities using a measuring cup you could also use a serving spoon …or your eyes!

I don’t take honey. An alternative to honey is syrup. Since i am saving money, i made my own syrup  by boiling some sugar (2 heaped tablespoons) with 180ml water. Boil until it starts to bubble.

I then mixed the sugar syrup with the dry ingredients using a spatula. Pour the syrup or honey little by little to the dry ingredients as you mix. The ingredients should only be slightly soaked by the honey/syrup. The mixture should not get gooey.


I then spread one table spoon of olive oil on a baking tray and spread the mixed ingredients on the tray. Popped it in the oven at 200 degrees for 10 minutes. The oven was pre-heated for about 5minutes.

The final product is dry and can easily crack in your hands. Place the granola in a tin for use as you please. You can have it with milk or yoghurt and fruits. It is also a nice snack to much on…It is full of nutritious goodness!!


What is your go to breakfast meal?

Keep it DIY!!!

Acrylic paint crazy

Hello DIYers!

Do you have that item that you have always had and you use it very few times because it lacked appeal? And you always wondered how to make it more appealing? How to give it a face lift? That a little change will help you appreciate the item more and that it will make you use it more?

This item could be anything really  clothes, shoes, a handbag, accessories, furniture.

I have this pair of shoes that i like, they are basic black and are rather boring. They honestly could do with a bit of character.

After reading this piece on pineconeshelf i decided to try it out on the shoes. I got the bronze acrylic paint and some paint brushes from Text Book Centre for about Ksh500 and Ksh200 respectively.


I wanted to create lines on the tip of the shoe, so i cut out and stuck some masking tape, painted it and let it dry for a day.

So  i was left with some paint  and it was at this point that i went a little crazy and decided i might as well paint a few more things. I got this mason jar which initially had marmalade in it, cleaned it in and out. Also i got a sufuria which was rusted and i still had had plans for it in a future project.

At the end of the day i had painted three things and i loved the results! The shoes pop with character and I wear them more now! The mason jar now sits on my desk at work with pens in it. The sufuria is yet to be used but soon…


Try out the acrylic paints and be creative with the application! Don’t for get to share your end results!

Keep it DIY!

Personalizing generic furniture

Hello DIYers!

With all the furniture stores sprouting all over, we have an influx of generic furniture that tends to lack personality.  Don’t get me wrong the furniture is as useful as they come, but when in your space, you want it to look like yours, no?

From the Mombasa Flat Update, i found one such piece of furniture at the dining area.

The dining area before

The dining area before. The cabinet is used to store cutlery and also as a bar.

I got some decorative paper from Nakumatt Nyali (the matt paper quality and NOT the shiny version), some glue, a pair of scissors, and a ruler to take measurements.

I took out the glass, luckily the cabinet had grooves that the glass would roll off from. This made the project so much easier. I took measurements of length and width. Measured out the paper and cut out.

Cut out paper

Cut out paper

With the glue i carefully stuck the paper at the end of the cabinet.

finished product

Finished product with a pop of color

With some rearrangement of the cutlery and some artwork at the top, it was done. I chose not to put back the glass,  wells ave for the bottom one which refused to come off. I thought it looked better without.

What are your thoughts?

Keep it DIY?


Mombasa Flat Update

I got a request from a friend to do ‘something’ to her flat in Mombasa to make it better looking of course on a budget. I gladly accepted the ‘something’ challenge.

Here are the before pictures.

IMG_7332 IMG_7333 IMG_7334 IMG_7336 IMG_7337 IMG_7338 IMG_7346

With some cleaning and sprucing up, painting, new curtains, and some new furniture it was a go.

Here are the after pics.


For the bedrooms, i rearranged the furniture to create more space. Painted the walls a color from the Crown Paints collection called Ash, its a soft  and calm grey. Also got curtains in the colors available from Nakumatt Nyali.IMG_7400 IMG_7404

For the living room, painted two colors i absolutely loved from the Crown Paints App. Yellowed Leaf (the greenish yellowish one) and Perry Blue (the bluish one). Traded-in the old furniture for the corner seat and bright pillows. Also got rid of the carpet, it’s so hot in Mombasa a cool tiled floor is so much better….


For the dining area, got rid of the carpet, i think it looks so much neater without it. Got new curtains and painted the Yellowed leaf and Ash colors. For the cabinet, i brightened it up with some wrapping paper (not of the shiny variety) see the project here.IMG_7410 IMG_7412

For the kitchen some cleaning up, arrangement of utensils, dish rack and curtain did the trick.

Disclaimer, i hired someone to do the painting this time round. Also, do download the Crown Paints App it really makes colour selection so much easier.

What do you think of the before and after?

Keep it DIY!

Painting picture frames

Hello DIYers!

Pictures. They speak a thousand words. They immortalize moments in our lives. They tell the story of who we are, where we have been and who we have become.

Growing up, taking pictures was an annual family event and the images would end up in the family album. With the increase in camera ownership, many more memories were captured and stored in the album. I still love looking at old family albums and yes i have two in my house. In today’s world of selfies and phone cameras, not many people ‘preserve’ life’s memories and no Facebook, Instagram, snapchat and all those others don’t count…not in my books.

This weeks project was painting some picture frames i got from Tuskys Supermarket for Ksh200. They looked very drab and unappealing, but hey with that price, they were screaming my name!!

The frames

The frames before

To paint them, i removed everything so that i was only left with the frame. The back had some strange nails at the back and i had to figure out a way to remove them without damaging the frame.

The back of the frame with the small nails holding the glass and paper

The back of the frame with the small nails holding the glass and paper


I had to get creative with how i removed the nails....i used a nail cutter. This damaged the nail cutter...but was worth it.

I had to get creative with how i removed the nails….i used a nail cutter. This damaged the nail cutter…but was worth it.

Next, i sanded the frames down to get rid of the slight varnish it had. Sanding it makes the paint adhere better.

sanded down frame

Sanded down frame

And then it was time for the fun part. Paint! I had some left over black paint from a previous paint job.I used a small brush, that was part of a set i got from Game Store at Garden City…by the way this place is a DIYers heaven!!

My tools. I used the smallest brush, the orange one

My tools. I used the smallest brush in the pack for this project, the orange one

Painting is messy and taking pictures while painting was an uphill task. However, what i did was lay out an old newspaper on the surface i was working on to avoid getting paint on the tiles…although some of ended up there!

After painting, i hang them out to dry. Like literally hang them. I used your everyday paper hooks to hang them out to dry for 24 hours.

Hanging them out to dry

Hanging them out to dry

The frames are now ready for the next step….the photogallery. Stay tuned for the next episode….

Any projects you have carried out lately? Let’s hear about it.

Keep it DIY.


World currency in a frame

Hello DIYers,

Happy 2016! It has been a long while. Lots has been happening including great  projects that i shall be posting soon!

Today’s post is about travel. It is a wonderful thing to travel! It removes you from your everyday life and opens your eyes and mind to other realities. It brings to light how other people live, what other people are dealing with, helps you appreciate what you have sometimes and at other times makes you yearn for better things both for yourself and society.

For me travel less about ‘things’ and more about experiencing other countries, culture, food, music and whatever else that makes that place, that place. I hope that makes sense.

Whenever i visit a different country, i always ensure i am left with a few coins or notes. I had gathered quite a bit and this week i decided to put the coins into good decorative use.

I got an ordinary frame from the supermarket, removed the back side, cleaned the glass and got going.

Picture frame that has a stand

Picture frame that has a stand

I cut out an envelope to the size of the back board and added it between the glass and board. This served two purposes: one, the white will be the background against which the coins will be set. Two, it makes the base thick enough to hold the coins without adding adhesive.

Cut out a white, A4 envelope to the size of the board and stuck it with pritt glue

Cut out a white, A4 envelope to the size of the board and stuck it with pritt glue


Background for the coins set

Background for the coins set

I cleaned out the coins, laid them on the floor and started placing against the glass

The coins collection

The coins collection

Laying out the coins

Laying out the coins

Completed layout

Completed layout

At this point you can chose to put adhesive on each of the coins. The adhesive should be strong similar to wood glue. The light ordinary glue will not work in this case. I did not use adhesive because i had created the thick base using the backboard and cut out envelope. This are able to hold the coins in place.

World coins in a frame

World coins in a frame

There we go folks! World coins in a frame. The same can be used for notes. Since the frame will be heavy, be careful if you chose to hang it. Both the hook on the frame and wall have to be strong enough to hold, otherwise it could fall and crack or injure someone.

Try it out and share your results.

Keep it DIY!!

My Christmas wish list

Hello DIYers!

The year is almost coming to a close! Is it just me or does time seem to fly by? I remember when I was a child and I would really yearn for December to arrive and it often took so long! But now, just as you are recovering from the last Christmas its here again!!

That not withstanding, I am very grateful for the year that has been. And now that Christmas is around the corner I do have a wish list for Santa.


Dear Santa,

I have been a really good girl this year. I would like to have few things that will make my DIY projects that much easier to undertake…

I would really love to have a:

tool boxTool Box

staple gun

Staple Gun

nail gun

Nail Gun

paint brush

Good quality paint brush



I promise to frequently use them in the coming year to tackle more complex projects.

Yours truly,

DIY Nyumbani


What is on your wish list this Christmas?